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The Hansens are an American husband and wife Drift team competing in Formula Drift, Hotpit Autofest and other shoutout competitions all over the country in their Nissan 240sx S13's.

Rudy and Chellee Hansen are an inspiring couple based in Pocatello, Idaho, known for their passion for motorsports and their journey in the world of drifting. They have three teenagers, two of their three kids share their enthusiasm for drifting. The family bond extends to the racetrack, where the kids have been learning the art of drifting, initially on ice and now on the pavement, under Rudy and Chellee's guidance. The Hansens have truly made drifting a family affair.

Rudy and Chellee's story is one of determination and resilience. Chellee was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 31 which made her unable to continue competing in sports she once loved.

Rudy and Chellee's background in various adrenaline-pumping activities provided them with a solid foundation for their venture into drifting. Their journey into the drifting scene began unexpectedly when they stumbled upon a Vegas Drift event while in Las Vegas. Rudy's ride-along experience at the event ignited his passion for drifting, leading him to purchase a C4 Corvette and later a Nissan 240sx S13 to dive deeper into drift builds and improve his skills.

Rudy achieved his Formula Drift ProSpec license at a Lone Star Drift Pro Am competition in Texas in 2020. He continued to hone his skills in ProSpec for three years, all with the ultimate dream of becoming a Formula Drift Pro Driver.

Rudy's hard work and dedication paid off when he took third place in the 2023 ProSpec Championship. This achievement earns him his Formula Drift PRO licence and gives Rudy the opportunity to move up to the highest level of competitive drifting in the World. Chellee, inspired by her husband's journey and her own passion for motorsports, began her own driving journey in 2020 and eventually started competing alongside Rudy at Hotpit Autofest series in 2023. Their partnership as a power couple in the world of drifting serves as an inspiration to many, showcasing their ability to overcome challenges and achieve their dream of competing in Formula Drift together.  

Rudy and Chellee's story is a testament to the power of determination, love, and teamwork. They have conquered the world of drifting and continue to inspire others in countless ways, both on and off the track.